World's Smallest Cigarette Filter

Less Tar - Better Taste

about AIRIO

World's Smallest Cigarette Filter

The AIRIO Micro filter adds only ¼ of an inch to a cigarette and is the ultimate in discrete filtering. AIRIO’s filter system works by cyclonic action so there is no need to add drugs or chemicals.  AIRIO is so unique that is has multiple patent pendings.   Airio has also been granted a utility model patent.

Why aren’t YOU using AIRIO?

Airio is a pressure filter that removes MOST of the TAR and other toxic additives found in cigarettes. Airio delivers LESS TAR With BETTER TASTE

Tobacco Cessation

AIRIO reduces nicotine and it can be used as part of a tobacco cessation program.

Easy to Use

Simply slip one AIRIO micro-filter on the filtered end of a cigerette. Just include AIRIO Filters as part of your daily routine.


With other filters, you may feel like a count or countess having to grab the plastic filter when you smoke. Airio does not significantly protrude from the cigarette filter tip allowing you to hold your cigarette in a normal fashion.

See Results

AIRIO is clear so you can see it working from your first cigarette.

No Need For...

 Expensive Patches or Gum that add Nicotine, Dangerous Drugs or Prescriptions, Mystery Herbs or Strange Therapies



Airio significantly reduces tar, and other harmful chemicals, without sacrificing taste.


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To learn more about AIRIO Micro Filters, contact your regional sales rep.