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Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff

Tobacco-free smokeless products, otherwise known as herbal snuff products, are a viable niche within the moist smokeless tobacco category. Herbal Snuff is not a “me too” product, rather it is a category extender, providing incremental sales for distributors and retailers. Typically, herbal snuff products appeal to adult smokeless tobacco consumers who are seeking to quit or reduce their consumption of moist smokeless tobacco.  


Smokey Mountain is the Tobacco-Free Smokeless Innovator

We are marketing the fastest growing brand family – Smokey Mountain Snuff. In addition, Smokey Mountain is the recognized leader in the tobacco-free smokeless niche. As the leader, Smokey Mountain understands its responsibility in providing retailers with versatile vending systems, innovative merchandising programs, and superior service. In addition, Smokey Mountain implements advertising campaigns, retail promotions, sampling programs, and special events which have a lifestyle appeal to the target consumer.
Together these components comprise a marketing campaign with the objective of expanding distribution and augmenting retail takeaway. In short, Smokey Mountain is a reputable company providing premium niche brands designed to expand category dollars. 
With limited funding and revenue, the Smokey Mountain plan takes a long-term approach to building a viable brand line within the moist smokeless tobacco category. The plan is fluid in nature, and somewhat risk tolerant, and seeks to generate sales increases which grow exponentially versus spending. Although resource limited, the forecasts are attainable through focused marketing, targeted merchandising, and sales driven advertising/promotional programs. Packaging and materials have been updated and communicate a clear positioning designed to appeal to the target consumer. In addition, our brand assortment continues to be modified and enhanced through on-going product development (R&D) programs.

Smokey Mountain provides the strongest advertising support of any tobacco-free smokeless brand. Smokey Mountain delivers instant brand recognition, which means pull-through at the retail level.